There are many things to consider when you’re looking to buy a vehicle, that you’ll use for towing. The right tow vehicle for you, will absolutely depend on your needs. You could say that a large 4WD is the best tow vehicle available, due to its superior capabilities. But, if you’re only looking to tow a small trailer every now and then, this will hardly suit your needs. The right tow vehicle for you, will depend on your unique circumstances. 

There are things to consider such as: how much time you will spend towing, what you will be towing, if you need to carry passengers, what the vehicle be used for when not towing, and the list goes on. Below, we address some of the more important factors to consider, when purchasing a tow vehicle.

What will you be towing?

A light-duty passenger vehicle, such as a sedan, small station wagon or SUV, may be satisfactory for your needs if you only tow occasionally. If you will be doing heavy towing (such as a caravan, large boat or horse float), you will need to consider something heavier duty.

Once your tow-weight exceeds around three tonnes, you will need to look at the large vehicle category, which includes: heavy SUV’s, utes and 4WD’s, which have greater towing capacity.

How often will you be towing?

If you’re towing regularly, you may want to consider something with greater capacity than what you will need. Towing regularly, means more wear and tear and this is where greater towing capacity, can be helpful. Vehicles with greater capacity, do not have to work as hard as lesser-rated vehicles, to tow the load. Put simply, more power, means easier towing. 

Regular heavy towing is hard on a vehicle and you will experience higher servicing and maintenance costs as a result.

Some car dealers may let you hitch up your trailer and go for a test drive but many won’t. This is where online forums and local clubs are invaluable. Get in touch with people who own the vehicle you’re looking to buy and ask them lots of questions. 

Other considerations

Other factors that can have a major impact on towing performance, as well as the cost of maintenance and servicing, are:

  • fuel: diesel versus petrol
  • transmission: automatic versus manual
  • FWD, RWD, AWD or 4WD.

For some, you’ll know immediately what you need from your tow vehicle and so, the choice you make will be an easy one. For others, more consideration will be required. The best thing you can do is lots of research.

We’re always happy to assess your unique situation and make recommendations to help you choose an appropriate tow vehicle. We have you covered for towbars and towing accessories, no matter what your requirements. Get in touch with our expert team today on 8360 5100 or click here to send us a message.