If you’re regularly towing heavy loads, you may want to invest in a weight distribution hitch.

What is a Weight Distribution Hitch?

Towing a heavy load will alter your vehicles driving performance. Regular towing can cause your car suspension and tyres to wear out quickly. A weight distribution hitch is designed to distribute weight evenly to ensure a safer, more level ride and reduce the stress placed on your vehicles systems.

A weight distribution hitch will increase safety by:

  • Reducing trailer sway often caused by winds, unsecured loads and bad roads
  • Improving handling with more stable steering
  • Reducing wear and tear on your car – reduce sag, prevent overloading and avoid wear and tear of your suspension and tyres

Do you need a Weight Distribution Hitch?

If you tow heavy loads regularly, you will benefit from investing in a weight distribution hitch. 

You will need a weight distribution hitch if:

  • Your experiencing trailer sway
  • You have difficulty steering when towing
  • Your car sags at the rear
  • Your towed vehicle is more than 50% of your vehicles weight

Car and trailer sag is a definite sign that a weight distribution solution is required

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