Weight Distribution

Hall Towbars is your one-stop shop for weight distribution accessories. 

Towing can change the handling characteristics of your vehicle. Knowing your ball weight is extremely important and vital when choosing a distribution hitch.

Distribution hitches are designed to improve your towing experience by improved distribution of the the trailer ball weight. Furthermore, at Hall Towbars we weigh your ball weight every time we install a distribution hitch.

If you are unsure of your ball weight of your current caravan contact us to arrange a time for us to check your ball weight at our Blair Athol site.


“What a pleasant experience. The initial call was handled professionally and was very thorough. I opted for the fitting at home which clearly stipulated the working environment required. I have no issues with people wanting to work under acceptable working conditions. Some others won’t even consider home service. The workmanship was as one would expect from a professional outfit. Thumbs up and I recommend them to anyone. Good job!”

Martin Wellington

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