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If you’re regularly towing heavy loads, you need a weight distribution hitch 

Towing changes the handling characteristics of your vehicle. Weight distribution hitches are designed to improve your towing experience by alleviating the stress on the rear of the vehicle, resulting in a far safer towing experience.

What is a Weight Distribution Hitch?

Towing a heavy load will alter your vehicles driving performance. Regular towing can cause your car suspension and tyres to wear out quickly. A weight distribution hitch is designed to distribute weight evenly to ensure a safer, more level ride and reduce the stress placed on your vehicles systems.

A weight distribution hitch will increase safety by:

  • Reducing trailer sway often caused by winds, unsecured loads and bad roads
  • Improving handling with more stable steering
  • Reducing wear and tear on your car – reduce sag, prevent overloading and avoid wear and tear of your suspension and tyres

Who needs a Weight Distribution Hitch?

If you tow heavy loads regularly, you will benefit from investing in a weight distribution hitch.

You will need a weight distribution hitch if you’re experiencing:

  • Trailer sway
  • Difficulty steering when towing
  • Sagging of your vehicle rear end
  • Trailer weighs more than 50% of your vehicles weight

Do you know your towball weight?

Knowing your ball weight is vital when choosing a distribution hitch. If you are unsure of your ball weight contact us to arrange a time for us to check your ball weight at our Blair Athol site.

Milford Weight Distribution Hitches

Milford’s superior designs feature:

  • HiLoad / Max Lift design promotes full weight distribution
  • Parallel mounted, the straight bar design results in maximum clearance and easy reversing
  • Rapid adjustment, easy to lock chain lift brackets and soft grip handle.
  • Standard fit grease nipples to ensure reduced noise.
  • Comes fully assembled for rapid mount installation.
  • Australian Standard 50mm 3500KG Towball included (600lb & 800lb).
  • Rugged Powder Coat Finish

Find out more about Milford weight distribution hitches here.

Milford weight distribution hitch

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