Regardless of whether you tow regularly or just now and then, it is your responsibility to be familiar and compliant with towing laws in Australia.

Alarmingly, we see drivers make many obvious towing mistakes; mistakes that mean they’re breaking the road rules! A trailer without indicator lights connected… loads not tied down safely…. or trailers dangerously overloaded… They’re all errors that could contribute to you not only copping a big fine but worse, potentially causing a serious crash.

There are other laws, not so well known and which may be overlooked, particularly if you’re inexperienced.

Read on for an overview of the laws in South Australia.

Towing Laws in South Australia

  1. A trailer’s loaded mass must not exceed the towing capacity of your vehicle or the capacity of the towbar (whichever is the lowest).The towbar should be marked with its towing capacity.
  2. You must obey any speed limit applying to the road and must drive with due care and consideration of other road users.
  3. You must also be in control of the trailer.
  4. Trailers that do not have ‘break-away’ brakes must also be attached to the towing vehicle by means of a chain or cable.
  5. All trailers with a Gross Trailer Mass (GTM) of more than 750kg must be fitted with brakes. To determine the GTM, a loaded trailer must be placed on a weighbridge. It must be connected to the towing vehicle, which should not be on the weighbridge.
  6. All trailers must have two indicators and those built since July 1973, must have two brake lights and two rear (tail) lights.
  7. Passengers must not travel in a trailer (including a caravan) that is being towed.

For more information and a full list of towing regulations in South Australia, please visit the South Australian Driver’s Handbook section on Towing and Loads.

Though there are similarities, towing laws differ in each state. It’s a good idea to review your local towing laws, before your next towing trip, to ensure you avoid a costly mistake.

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