Most of us know that safely towing a heavy load, requires skill and experience. What is just as important, is a safe and legal setup, including ongoing maintenance of your tow vehicle and trailer.

Read on for our safety reminders or get in touch with us today for advice on your towing setup.

Stick to speed limits

There are no different speed limits for towing vehicles in South Australia (there are in some other Australian states so best to check local rules). Regardless, if you’re towing heavy loads, you need to stick to the designated speed limit and drive to suit the weather (including wind) and road conditions. 

If you are inexperienced towing heavy loads, you need to be mindful that your vehicle will handle very differently when towing a heavy load and you will need to adjust your driving accordingly.

Position your load correctly

Unsound roads and windy conditions may cause your trailer to sway. If your load is not positioned correctly, this may have dangerous implications, such as making it more difficult to steer and/or brake.

Ensure your centre of gravity is correct, with the load positioned evenly just in front of the axles. Positioning the weight of a heavy load too close to the front or back of the trailer, may cause your vehicle to become unstable.

Know your load limits

Every vehicle has axle load limits. Check the manufacturer’s manual for more information. Exceeding the load limit will render the tow vehicle unsteady and make you exceedingly more vulnerable to a crash.

Contact Hall Towbars for expert advice

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