Award winning products designed, developed and manufactured in South Australia.

The power of REDARC

REDARC, a proud South Australian company has 40 years experience in the research, design, development and manufacture of a range of electronic voltage converters and associated products including inverters, power supplies, DC to DC battery chargers and Battery Management Systems, CANBus modules, electric brake controllers, 52mm gauges and customised electronic modules.

REDARC’s range of electric brake controllers provide ultimate safety when towing, offering a smoother trailer braking response suitable for 12V or 24V vehicle systems. When you’re towing the weight of a 2.5 tonne vehicle behind you on an open highway, it’s important to ensure the safety of yourself and others with an effective and controlled electric brake system in place. Not only do Redarc electric brake controllers suit most braking applications, but they also take up very little space on the dashboard and can be easily adjusted with the turn of a switch.

The REDARC award-winning Tow-Pro Elite Electric Brake Controller is the only electric brake controller in the market to offer two types of braking in the one unit – proportional and user-controlled modes. With the addition of proportional braking modes, you can ensure accurate and optimal force is applied in response to how hard your vehicle is braking. The Tow-Pro Elite also allows manual override where you see fit. The Elite and our extended Tow-Pro range are designed to suit most trailer braking applications, require minimal dashboard space and are simple to install and operate.


Redarc Tow-Pro Elite V3 Electric Brakes

The Tow-Pro™ Elite is an electric brake controller designed to suit most common trailer braking applications whilst requiring minimal dash space and being simple to install and operate.

The Tow-Pro™ Elite brake controller offers selectable Automatic or User Controlled trailer braking modes allowing the user to choose the braking style depending on the road or terrain conditions, vehicle type, or driver preference.

The Tow-Pro™ Elite electric brake controller features Active Calibration which constantly monitors the direction of travel removing the need for an initial calibration process, the unit will even calibrate with no trailer attached whilst maintaining the ability to mount in any orientation.

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Smart Start 100 Amp Isolator

Get the most out of your batteries with REDARC’s state of the art dual battery isolators. Used primarily in 4WD and commercial vehicles, REDARC’s dual battery isolators are designed to significantly extend battery life and safely charge your auxiliary battery.

REDARC’s Smart Start (SBI) battery isolators prevent your secondary battery draining your main battery, so you can stay out on the road for longer. Microprocessor controlled, this dual battery isolator is designed to protect the start battery from excessive discharge while allowing the auxiliary battery to supply charge to non-essential loads.

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Redarc Isolators

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REDARC, designed and manufactured in South Australia for the ultimate in towing safety

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