Carry even heavier loads safely

Need more heavy-duty carrying capacity? A commercial-grade roof rack is exactly what you need.

Milford’s EcoRack commercial roof rack provides a sturdy platform for transporting equipment, materials, and excess cargo—safely and securely.

The racks are built using an anodised aluminium design, giving you an economical solution for just about every kind of van. Adjustable crossbars can be mounted to the roof using inbuilt channels or gutter mounts.

As roof racks are not standard on all vehicles, they should be mounted by a professional to your vehicle specifications to ensure proper installation and road safety.  

Want more information on Milford’s commercial roof rack? Contact us and speak to one of our knowledgeable staff members.

Milford EcoRack Construction Roof Rack

Milford EcoRack Craftsman Roof Rack


Milford EcoRack Cargo Roof Rack

Milford Commercial Roof Rack - superior form and function

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