Safely transport cargo with a sturdy roof rack

Want to expand the carrying capacity of your vehicle? A roof rack is exactly what you need. The benefits of installing a roof rack include, increasing your vehicle’s storage space and passenger legroom, as well as providing a sturdy platform for transporting equipment, materials, and excess cargo—safely and securely.

EcoRack’s lightweight aerodynamic design reduces fuel consumption and wind noise. It also maximises the load carrying capacity of your vehicle, especially those with relatively low, OE roof load ratings.

Additionally, EcoRack system has a modern look, providing vans with a highly dynamic profile. Its lightweight design allows for high-load capabilities, even with limited OE roof load ratings. As a bonus, aerodynamic crossbars reduce your fuel consumption and create nearly silent travel.

As roof racks are not standard on all vehicles, they should be mounted by a professional to your vehicle specifications to ensure proper installation and road safety.  

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