Stay safe with hitch kits, especially when towing heavy loads

Quite often you will see vehicles towing heavy loads with the front of the vehicle pointing skyward. This is the result of additional weight pushing down on the rear of the vehicle. This is the case when towing caravans or trailers.

When this happens, it completely changes the characteristics of the vehicle’s stability and engineering.

As a rule, towing heavy loads is in itself a cause for poor vehicle handling and often results in increased tyre wear and fuel use.

More importantly, the lack of weight over the front of the vehicle will affect steering control and braking efficiency. This makes the vehicle less responsive and potentially dangerous to drive.

While driving at night, the high front end will also cause misdirection of the head lights (ie: they point up) which further exacerbates the aforementioned condition.

These issues are all easily addressed however with the aid of a properly engineered and installed weight distribution hitch.

Just as the name implies, a weight distribution hitch system re-distributes the towing weight more evenly across the vehicle. It transfers some of the tow ball download to the vehicle and more evenly across the trailer’s axles.

Milford Ultra Load Weight Distribution Hitch (WDH) kits are available in 270 kg (600lb) and 360kg (800lb) variants. Milford WDH’s are a round bar style and come fully assembled. A friction style anti sway control unit also available as an option.

You’ll experience hassle free reversing thanks to the parallel mounted / straight bar design and enjoy quiet operation and clean lubrication. This is a result of the standard fit grease nipples along with rapid adjustment by way of the easy lock chain lift brackets & handle supplied!

Milford Ultra Load WDH’s feature a rugged powder coated finish and also feature our legendary lifetime warranty for complete peace of mind!

Know your ball weight!

  • Knowing your ball weight is extremely important and vital to when choosing a distribution hitch
  • At Hall Towbars we weigh your ball weight every time we install a distribution hitch
  • If you are unsure of your ball weight of your current caravan contact us to arrange a time for us to check your ball weight at our Blair Athol site