Milford Cargo Barriers – Behind You All The Way!

Milford Cargo BarriersEvery Milford Cargo Barrier is specifically designed, tested and manufactured in Australia. Their products meet Australian Standard for Cargo Barriers (AS4034) along with all relevant Australian Design Regulations (ADR’s). They provide the ultimate protection under the most demanding driving conditions. If you have an accident or even just brake suddenly, unsecured items like groceries, work gear or sporting equipment can all become lethal weapons. Even items you wouldn’t ordinarily consider to be heavy or hard can become dangerous so when hurled forward at great force. Installing appropriate occupant protection in your vehicle is a must and there’s no better way to ensure your safety. A Milford Cargo Barrier is guaranteed for life! Milford is the largest provider of Cargo Barriers & other vehicle load restraints worldwide. You know you can rely on them to protect you, your children and employees!

The Ultimate in Occupant Protection

  • Specially designed, tested and manufactured in Australia
  • Compliant with the Australian Standard for Cargo Barriers, AS4034
  • Ultimate protection under the most demanding driving conditions
  • Custom designed range of more than 300 products to suit all types of passenger, light commercial, 4WD and sports utility vehicles

Multi Fit – Dual Position Fitment

  • The design allows many models to fit in more than one position; including a Milbolt or quick release mechanism for quick and easy movement
  • When you need to fold down your rear seats for more space, your user-friendly barrier simply moves forward its new position, behind the front seats

Rapid Mount – Easy Fit

  • Most Milford Cargo Barriers can be moved without the use of tools
  • Simple to remove for quick access or reposition the barrier to accommodate a larger load
  • Feature openings so upper anchorage straps of kids’ seats can secure safely to the original vehicle mounts

Milford Lifetime Guarantee

  • Milford is the trusted name in Cargo Barriers
  • All products are manufactured to ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949
  • Additionally, Milford’s Exclusive Lifetime Warranty protects your purchase and ensures your peace of mind

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