Clearview NEXT GEN compact towing mirrors will give you the best view while towing.

This newly released, Australian manufactured towing mirror is a compact version of the brand’s original, popular design.

The NEXT GEN extends just as far as the original, but slides right back into the vehicle when not towing (just like an original equipment manufacturer mirror). It slides out an impressive 180mm, giving the ultimate vision, for the safest towing experience.

The NEXT GEN mirrors come in black as standard, with chrome caps also available. There is also an undercoated cap for colour coding if you want to match the colour of your car.

These mirrors are perfect for part time (or full time) towers who will enjoy the convenience of having tow mirrors ready to go, without the inconvenience that comes with mirrors extending too far and limiting your parking options!

Features such as birds eye cameras, blind spot monitoring, heating and courtesy lights can be added to the NEXT GEN mirrors.

Available to view in our showroom now and pre-order from Hall Towbars today!

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