Reversing a trailer can be a cold sweat inducing task but with a little guidance, you will soon realise that learning to correctly reverse a trailer can be an easy task to master. All it takes is the right information and a little practice and patience! There are a few simple steps to successfully reversing a trailer that you will soon master. Read on for our simple step by step guide.

Create an arc shape with your vehicle and trailer

As you start to reverse into a turn, your vehicle wheels will will go the same way as the steering wheel whilst your trailer wheels will go the opposite way. This will lead the vehicle and trailer into the desired arc shape. You want to follow the arc. Imagine if you continued to reverse, you would go around in circles. Mastering the arc is the hard part. Turn the wheels too much and you will jack knife. Once you can create the arc, you just need to learn to straighten up.

Straighten up

Straighten the wheels of both the vehicle and trailer, making minor adjustments until the car and trailer and in a straight line.

Things to remember for success

Steer in the opposite direction

When reversing a trailer, you need to do the opposite of what you want the outcome to be. I.e. you want the trailer to go left, turn the steering wheel right.

Start in the best possible position for success

It’s easier to reverse a trailer when the driver’s side of the vehicle is facing into the arc. This will ensure that the length of the trailer will be visible in your driver side mirror as you reverse. When you’re reversing something large such as a caravan, large boat, car or horse trailer, you may benefit from using extension mirrors specifically designed for towing. We recommend  Clearview towing mirrors. Let us know your vehicle make and model and we can provide a quote.

Ask for help

The best way to learn is to ask someone to guide you in initially. Clear communication is so important.

More questions?

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