In recent years, we have seen an explosion of caravan and camping folk, take to the road. It’s fantastic that more people are discovering a love for this lifestyle and it’s wonderful to see the wide range of set-ups people use to enjoy their surroundings. Whilst it’s busier on the road, we sometimes require a little extra planning and early booking. What is disappointing though, is we’re hearing about more 4wd tracks and free or low cost off-grid camping sites being trashed! Of course, this has always been a problem but with more people, comes more mess.

We don’t want a situation like what’s happening in the eastern states, particularly in NSW, where they are seeing 4wd tracks and camping sites locked up in record numbers! So, what can we do?

4WD tow vehicles on beach


See what facilities are available at your intended location. If bins are not provided, be prepared to take your rubbish out with you. If you won’t be able to pick up enough firewood, be prepared to take some in with you instead of cutting down trees.

Stick to the tracks

Stay on the intended tracks when driving and camp in designated campsites to avoid damaging vulnerable environments. 

Leave camp in a better condition than you found it in

It takes 15 minutes to fill a bag with rubbish. Even if the rubbish is not yours, consider cleaning it up for the sake of the environment and your fellow campers. Never leave your rubbish behind, even food waste can cause problems. Always bury organic food waste if you aren’t taking it with you. Use biodegradable washing up liquid and never dispose of it in or nearby a waterway. Take your portable toilet to a designated dump point.

Respect wildlife

Observing wildlife is a wonderful part of off-grid camping but be mindful of protecting the wildlife. Never harass wildlife to get a photo. Be wary of drones and note that they are banned in South Australia’s national parks, conservation parks, reserves and marine parks – see more here.

Always check if pets are permitted in a campground before bringing along your four-legged friends.

Adhere to Fire Bans

No Australian should need reminding about the importance of adhering to fire bans. If there is no fire ban, ensure your fire is always kept under control.

We hope these tips are helpful in planning for your next off-grid trip. To minimise the risk of off-grid camping grounds being closed, we must all be responsible in looking after these locations, the environment and the wildlife that call them home.

Happy camping!

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