Have you recently purchased a new caravan? It can be an exciting time but before hitting the road, you must consider your electric brake requirements.

Safety first!

The added mass of a caravan can make slowing down or stopping highly dangerous. An electric brake controller eliminates the chances of a caravan rearing into the back of your vehicle by triggering the trailer’s brakes whenever the driver hits the brakes.

What are the Australian towing regulations?

These are the requirements depending on the Gross Trailer Mass (GTM) of your caravan:

GTM under 750kg

No additional brakes required.

751< GTM < 2,000kg

Braking system on wheels of at least one axles; over-ride brakes allowed, although electric is recommended on all trailers over 1,000kg.

GTM > 2,000 kg

Need a “breakaway” system installed on all wheels; system must be powered by a full-charged battery at ALL times (can be either standalone or auxiliary).

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