Research by the Caravan Industry Association Australia (CIAA) shows that one in 13 Australian households has a registered caravan or RV and that the average age of owners is just 33.

Caravanning has always been popular with families. But, when we have large, luxury caravans (barista coffee machine included please!) with enough beds for at least four and a 4wd loaded with every bit of gear that could possibly be needed, you inevitably run into an issue with your weights. Even the largest and most powerful towing vehicles are struggling to meet these conditions.

Unless you want to drive convoy with two cars, you are left with the option of getting a truck (impractical and undesirable for most) or to opt for a GVM/GCM upgrade.

What is a GVM/GCM upgrade?

A Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) or Gross Combination Mass (GCM) upgrade increases your load-carrying capability. GVM is the maximum weight your vehicle can carry, while GCM is the maximum laden mass of a vehicle plus the maximum laden mass of an attached caravan. An upgrade is an independently engineered and tested suspension solution that provides extra payload for a vehicle. Payload is the Aggregate Trailer Mass (maximum your tow vehicle can weigh) minus the Tare Mass (weight of the unloaded, unoccupied vehicle or trailer but with added modifications such as awnings, bullbars etc.) Read more about critical weights here.

A GVM/GCM upgrade is different for each vehicle but can include upgrades to shock absorbers, strut shock absorbers, coil springs, leaf springs, and u-bolts.

An upgrade is different from a lift kit or airbag suspension which just raises the suspension of the vehicle. A GVM/GCM upgrade increases the legal load-carrying capacity. If you are overloading your vehicle and/or caravan and exceeding the allowable weights, you are breaking the law and putting yourself and other road users at risk. 

We can help

We partner with Lovells in Adelaide to arrange GVM/GCM upgrades as part of our service. Get in touch to discuss your requirements with our team. Alternatively, you can contact Lovells directly to discuss your vehicle. 

Click here to view Lovells capacity guide to see how much increased payload could be achieved on your vehicle.

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