Upgrading 4WD suspension is common in the 4WD community, but why?

For most people, the ‘Original Equipment’ (aka OE) suspension on your vehicle will do the job. BUT, if you’ve set your 4WD up with a bunch of accessories, regularly tow a trailer or have a heavy load in the back; or if you need more ground clearance for off-roading; your vehicle may benefit from an upgraded suspension kit.

4WD tow vehicles on beach

Signs your 4WD may need a suspension upgrade

  • Sagging at the rear of the vehicle
  • Excessive tyre wear
  • Vehicle suspension predates accessories – if you’ve added a range of 4WD accessories, your suspension may need a rethink.
  • Uncomfortable ride

Do you need to upgrade suspension for towing?

This really depends on your setup and we recommend popping in or giving us a call to chat about your situation. However, if the rear of your vehicle is sitting lower under a heavy tow ball load, it can impact the handling of your vehicle and become a safety issue as well as make for an uncomfortable ride. Upgraded suspension may help to create a smoother, safer towing experience. 

We stock a range of suspension solutions including Outback Armour 4WD suspension kits and Airbag Man air suspension. Pop into our showroom to view these products and chat with our team or send us a message with your vehicle details and we can provide a quick quote.

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