Caravanning has long been a popular pastime in Australia, but never more so than right now. With so many vans on the road and people travelling with all levels of experience, we thought it would be a good time to refresh our memories about how to be a courteous caravan holiday-maker.

caravan travel etiquette

Driving a caravan

Have you ever been stuck behind a convoy of caravans going 20km below the speed limit? 

Towing a caravan means you’ll likely be travelling under the speed limit, accounting for weather and road conditions. Here are a few tips to keep everyone happy.

  • Be a courteous driver and keep to the left lane where possible, allowing other motorists to pass easily. When a lot of traffic begins to build up behind you on a single lane road, consider pulling over when it’s safe to do so, to let them pass.
  • Stay alert and practice defensive driving  check your mirrors regularly to see what’s going on behind you.
  • Keep your speed steady when a vehicle is approaching you from behind.
  • Give way to larger vehicles on narrow or dirt roads where possible.

Caravan park etiquette

  • Park your caravan and car on the designated space and also keep your awnings, equipment and belongings on your own site.
  • Abide by caravan park rules.
  • Introduce yourself to your neighbours. If you’re a newcomer, the caravan park is the best place to pick up knowledge.
  • Tone down the noise at a reasonable hour.
  • If you’re travelling with your pets, keep them under control.
  • Lock up your valuables overnight or while away from site
  • Dispose of your rubbish considerately.
  • Make sure you leave the dump point clean after emptying your tanks.
  • If you see park facilities in poor condition, let management know so they can attend to it quickly.

If all of this sounds too much for you, what a great time to start free camping!

Caravan and tow vehicle maintenance

If you’re driving around with a dodgy towbar or couplings, you’re a considerable risk on the road. With frequent or inappropriate use, a towbar will be subjected to wear and tear.

Click here to read our article on towbar maintenance and replacement.

Hall Towbars can assist you to maintain your towbar, including replacing pins and bolts and all other requirements. In the event your towbar is no longer fit for use, we can help you select a suitable replacement from our range.

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