Having a reversing camera on your caravan is not a necessity, but it does make reversing much easier! It’s so convenient being able to see directly behind your vehicle while you’re towing.

Reversing cameras are growing in popularity because they are extremely useful to add to your setup and you will use it regularly. Also, if you’re handy, you can even install it yourself! 

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There are many different types of reversing cameras on the market, from a classic single view, wired setup to the latest wireless options that include multiple camera setups to cover every angle possible, audio capability, night vision, large screen monitors and even recording (in some options).

There is a setup for every need and every budget.

Why go for a wireless reversing camera?

Wireless technology means easy installation. No more complicated installs involving the removal of mouldings or bumper bars and the potential voiding of manufacturer warranty. 

Can I install a reversing camera myself?

Absolutely! The wireless installation is so simple. With a bit of research, you can definitely do it yourself! Of course, we’re here to help with installation and this process can be performed by one of our experts in a matter of only a few hours.

Vision is safety

Complete vision when reversing means greater safety for you, your car and caravan, and those around you.

We have many different reversing camera options available at Hall Towbars including Axis reversing cameras, see more here.

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