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Adjustable levelling control – the beauty of Air Suspension brought to you by Airbag Man

Airbag Man engineer, design and manufacture airbag kits to suit a wide range of vehicles including 4WD’s, utes, trailers and more!

Airbag Man kits are designed to level out vehicles that are towing or carrying heavy and uneven loads to ensure a safer towing experience. These speciality kits feature adjustable levelling controls which helps eliminate spring sag, makes for safer load carrying, enables better braking and improves steering and handling. 

Airbag Man products also stabilise body roll, prevent bottoming out, improve ride quality and reduce tyre wear.

Proudly Australian owned and operated, Airbag Man was established in 1995.

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Airbag Man Air Suspension for Leaf Springs

Experiencing too many bumps in the road? Leaf springs can provide added support to your vehicle, creating a smoother ride by absorbing bumps or potholes in the road.

They also help control the height at which your vehicle rides, as well as keeping tires aligned and on the road.

Airbags are installed in addition to leaf springs–based on vehicle specification–to provide load-carrying and suspension assistance, and are easily inflated or deflated to make loading your vehicle easier.

Coil springs

Airbag Man Air Suspension for Coil Springs

 Air suspension systems are made up of air springs or air bags located at each wheel of the vehicle. An onboard electric air compressor inflates each bag until they lift your vehicle to the desired height.

Airbags are then fitted inside coil springs to provide additional support and load carrying assistance – they’re known to be more durable than air suspension kits alone, and are easily inflated or deflated to meet your needs.

The Airbag Man Air Suspension Kit for Coil Springs includes two airbags, airbag end protectors, air line tubing and two inflation valves.

tow bar accessories

Airbag Man Wirelessly Controlled Dual Guage & Compressor

If you want to easily “level up” by inflating and deflating your airbags wirelessly from the comfort of your vehicle, then this is the perfect solution for you.

With the Airbag Man Wirelessly Controlled Dual Gauge and Compressor system, you can individually inflate and deflate your airbags via a 4-channel wireless key fob with a sliding shield.

Individual pressure (Psi) readings are visible through a Wireless Airbag Man gauge.

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Airbag Man Air Suspension Kits

Australian owned and operated, designed and manufactured with the highest standards.

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