Roof Racks

Roof racks offer flexibility and versatility when transporting equipment and materials

Hall offer a wide range of high quality commercial roof racks by Milford.

Each unique design is built to maximise the capacity of your commercial vehicle. It allows quick and efficient loading and unloading of equipment and materials from the vehicle. At the same time it reduces strain on the body. A range of accessories are also available to customise your roof rack system to suit your needs.

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Product Range

Milford EcoRack Craftsman

  • Easily mounted to utilities
  • Heavy duty crossbars handle the toughest load carrying requirements
  • Advanced light-weight, yet rugged design offers high performance at low cost

Milford EcoRack Construction

  • Handles the largest of loads
  • Extremely economical to purchase thanks to its modular design
  • Maintains the cab and tub as separate units while still allowing for long loads to be carried, thanks to its generous over cab length
  • Unique design eliminates fatigue issues

Milford EcoRack Cargo

  • Modern look provides vans with a highly dynamic profile
  • Lightweight design provides high load capabilities even with limited OE roof load ratings
  • Aerodynamic crossbars reduce fuel consumption and provide almost silent travel

Milford EcoRack Commercial

  • Lightweight, anodised aluminium design offers an economical solution for just about every kind of van
  • Adjustable crossbars can be mounted to the roof using inbuilt, channel or gutter mounts

Milford ErgoRack

  • Operated from the ground, with no need to lift heavy loads above your shoulders or climb onto the roof, Tow Bar or bumper to load your ladder
  • Supports the long-term health of your lower back and shoulders
  • Auto clamp feature automatically restrains ladders for safe transport
  • Lightweight, powder coated aluminium design allows a big payload to be carried on top of the rack